What yell we don’t expect like this, oh my god. How is it! Is it possible? Of course, we get more new visitors to my website. We did one blog post to make  80+piece of content, so drive more unique visitors. 

 Writing a blog post published to the website, not able to drive more traffic, and can’t get new visitors because the blog post is a one piece of content, content outstanding different format.

 Creating high-quality content is a highly important aspect, not only for gaining high ranks or traffic, firstly make readers happy. We all know a blog that running consistently high quality and valuable content might sometimes be challenging.

All the blog consistently can’t drive high-quality traffic, can’t get a new audience, so we are do repurposing the content. 

Repurposing is the reach of your blog or content,  new ways to reach your unique audience. Sometimes repurposing content could be a challenge.

  What is content repurposing?

 Content Repurposing means taking one asset and reusing somewhere else but tricky in execution.

  Example: One blog post makes it into visual photos, infographics, videos, podcasts, E-book, etc.

Why should you be repurposing your content?

Helps to reach a new audience: we publish the content in different formats, and different platforms easily enter a new audience.

Gain new authority: Publishing quality content in a different format on a single topic can help reach your profile more in the industry. 

Give you an immense SEO boost: Take your repurposed content to distribute to an outside website. You can get quality links back to your site. Get more organic search engine traffic.

 Best Ways to Repurpose Blog Content:

we take one blog post or long form of content turn into different format content. Now step by step method repurposing content.

This image is mean by long form content repurpose into smaller content piece
  1. Create a long-form content:

                              we prepare different rice; here, the rice is significant because if you have rice, only you can think to make are to a variety of rice. Like as long-form content. 

                              Choose a topic where you can go in-depth research or have knowledge. That topic long-form content can be in the format of the text, video, or audio. If its a text, then it should have at least 3000 words. If it’s a video or audio, it needs to be at least 30-45mins long.

Long-form content; you will get what you want more, visibility of online (social media channel), more proof of your authority.

You can promote more on social media channels. Users or readers increase spending time on-site so higher ranking in the search result.

 2.Create an E-book 

 Now convert the long-form content into an e-book. You can do this yourself or outsource to make it look professional.

Publish e-book or offer this as a lead magnet to your readers so you can get more leads and go ahead, distribute it across pdf sites.

 Create an e-book sale on e-commerce sites—your profile reach more in your industry.

3.Convert into a slide deck:

Long-form content converts into to slide deck. Its a slide presentation. You can create a slide each sub-heading will be one slide, each slide will have 3-5 points.

Create an introduction slide, and thankyou slide so easily engage your audience and make it look professional.

Put your logos and site names on each slide—distribution across to slide deck platforms.

4.Use the slide deck to Screen Recording

Use the slide to do a recorded video with audio. These tools help to record the screen (ScreenFlow, Camtasia, Quicktime). You can readout long-form content in front camera grab (your face).

Upload the screengrab only to Youtube, Facebook, IGTV. It’s your long-form content in another format.

Mostly people like videos. Even youtube is the second largest search engine globally, so we post our video content on Youtube to reach more audiences.

5. Create Bite-Sized Videos

Convert long size video into bite-size. Main key points and essential message make into a bite-size video. Use the camera garb and make it into bite-sized videos.

We can distribute across LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. There are different sizes and time limits for each platform.

Again the idea is to drive people back to your long-form content.

 6.Convert into Podcast 

            We can record reading the long-form content. This great for People who want to learn more but don’t have time and find that listening to a podcast is easier. 

The podcast is a digital audio version. Integrate long-form content to audio, Record your sound publish into the podcast website—important vital points you can record.

Publish to podcast website users can be free to download your audio.

7.Create an Infographic

Infographics are visual graphic information, data, and knowledge intent present information quickly or clearly.

You need to add valid data points and design an attractive image. Make the text as scannable; use short paragraphs, and this is can be great for attracting backlinks.

 Distribute it across infographics leading platform Pinterest. It is 80% viral and sale also. We can generate high sales.

8.Create an Email Series

I am sure that it happens more than once to look at all the content you wrote all the great tips and strategies shared with your user. What you can do is take all that valuable content already written by you. Create an email series. It would be created for your users to receive straight to the point.

Email series great to engage your audience and break down the long term content to email series. If you publish a new blog post into the site, you send email series to your audience.

Your audience quickly comes to the website, create an email campaign. Email series is a get more leads.

 9.Create Social Media Images

Different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora have different sizes to ensure it creates social media images.

Each subheading will be an image; the image will behave 5 points.you can share tips and share ideas.

Create social images, visual images; informative images easily reach a new audience.

  Final Words 

            Consistently follow those steps; it helps reach more new audiences, and you create a brand also when you write blog posts or long-form content repurposing that content. It is a little bit difficult but worthwhile.

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